Contest #1: Carl J Iannacone Memorial Award

1st place – Jason Glass

2nd place – Madelyn F Young

3rd place – Gary L Breezeel

 Contest #2: David Goodgame Memorial Award

1st place – Lily Hobbs

2nd place – Sara Gipson

3rd place – Mary Lou Moran         

Contest #3: Gale S Gill Award

1st place – Jason Glass

2nd place – Cynthia J Wright

3rd place – Fay Smalling Guinn 

Contest #4: Art of Murder Award

1st place – C. Allan Butkus

2nd place – Sara Gipson

3rd place – Jason Glass 

Contest #5: NLAPW- Pioneer Branch Prose Award

1st place – Shelley Anne Richter

2nd place – Bill Cumoler

3rd place – Jane Hale 

Contest #6: WOW! Press Award

1st place – Teresa Reynolds

2nd place – Paulette Mehta

3rd place – Paricia A Oplinger 

Contest #7: Village Writers Hot Springs Village

1st place – Fay Smalling Guinn

2nd place – Geneva King Emerson

3rd place – Sara Gipson 

Contest #8: NLAPW- Pioneer Branch Poetry Award

1st place – Marilyn Joyner

2nd place – Jane Hale

3rd place – Dennis R Patton 

Contest #9: Erdel Family Memorial Award

1st place – Carole Crow

2nd place – Del Garrett

3rd place – Glenda Hughes 

Contest #10: Best Friend The Dog

1st place – Sara Gipson

2nd place – Cathy Moran

3rd place – Von S Bourland 

Contest #11: Cone Creation Award

1st place – Barbara Shepherd

2nd place – Sara Gipson

3rd place – Earl W Belcher


Contest #12: Gimme The Creeps Award

1st place – Gary L Breezeel

2nd place – Marjorie Lacy

3rd place – Shelley Anne Richter

Contest #13: Marie Barton Memorial Award

1st place – Anita Smith

2nd place – Barbara Blanks

3rd place – Mary Lou Moran 

Contest #14: Scott Plantation Settlement Award

1st place – Shelley Anne Richter

2nd place – Gary R Hoffman

3rd place – Jane Hale 

Contest #15: Christian Poetry Award (corrected)

1st place – Cheryl Cleek

2nd place – Kim Vernon

3rd place – Charles Frimage 

Contest #16: Rescued Pets Award

1st place – Fay Smalling Guinn

2nd place – Shelley Anne Richter

3rd place – Don Crowson 

Contest #17: Key to Time Travel Award

1st place – Carole Crow

2nd place – Jason Glass

3rd place – Barbara Blanks 

Contest #18: Lucille R Longstreth Memorial Award

1st place – Von S Bourland

2nd place – Barbara Shepherd

3rd place – Cheryl Cleek 

Contest #19: White County Creative Writers Award

1st place – Mille Gore Lancaster

2nd place – Anita Smith

3rd place – Barbara Blanks 

Contest #20: What Comes Next Award

1st place – Barbara Blanks

2nd place – Patricia A Oplinger

3rd place – Cheryl Cleek 

Contest #21: Pinpoint Writers Group Award

1st place – Marilyn Joyner

2nd place – Sara Gipson

3rd place – Kathy Vernich 

Contest #22: South Arkansas Poets of the Pines Poetry Award

1st place – Patricia A Oplinger

2nd place – Jerri Hardesty

3rd place – Fay Smalling Guinn 

Contest #23: Youth Poetry Award  (NO ENTRIES) 

Contest #24: Christian Romance Short Story Award

1st place – Del Garrett



Contest #25: Henry Heidelberger Memorial Poetry Award

1st place – Jerri Hardesty

2nd place – Shelley Anne Richter

3rd place – Marilyn Joyner 

Contest #26: Dorothy Truex Memorial Prose Award

1st place – Barbara Shepherd

2nd place – Glenda Hughes

3rd place – Mary Chandler






1. AWARDS made only if contest fee of $20 (enabling one to enter any and all contests), check made payable to Arkansas Writers’ Conference and mailed on or before APRIL 23, 2016 to Ellen Withers, 1815 Columbia Drive, Conway, AR 72034 Must Include Contest Registration Form with entry  fee.   Registration to attend conference does not include this entry fee. 

  2. DEADLINE for postmarking manuscripts is April 23, 2016.  Entries destroyed two weeks after conference. AWC not responsible for manuscripts lost, delayed in mail, or received too late for judging.  Do not send SASE. No manuscript returned. No winners’ list mailed but will be posted on the website, www.arkansaswritersconference.org

  3.  Only one typed, unpublished manuscript may be entered in more than one contest. Double-space prose, single-space poetry. Use only 12-point font. Standard manuscript form as stated by www.whitecountycreativewriters.org  listed below. Meet all contest specifications including word, line, and page limit.

  4.  NO MANUSCRIPT MAY BE ENTERED IN MORE THAN ONE CONTEST.  No one may enter contest for which he/she is sponsor, chairman, or judge.  2015 AWC first place contest winners may not enter a contest this year if it is identical.  If contestants do not adhere to all rules, entries will be disqualified.

  5.  PUT CONTEST NUMBER AND NAME OF AWARD in upper left corner of each entry.  Do not put your name on any manuscript.   Do not staple.  Use paper clips. Attach a cover sheet to each entry with: (1) Number and name of contest; (2) Title of entry; (3) First line of entry; (4) Your name, phone number, and mailing address.

Formatting for Contests

1. Use a simple type style like Times Roman or Courier, 12 point preferred, on a letter quality printer.  DO NOT use fancy type faces or script styles.  The goal is to make the manuscript look professional and pleasant to read.

2.  Use white copy paper, 20 pound or better, 8-1/2 x 11 inches. NO onion skin, lined or colored stock.

3.  Follow contest rules for identification of manuscripts.  Name and address are usually not to appear on judges’ copy.  

4.  Double space all prose manuscripts.  Poetry may be single-spaced.  DO NOT justify right-hand margins.  Allow 1 to 1-1/2 inch margins all around.

5.  Drop down about half-way on the first page then center your title.  DO Not put your name below the title, unless the contest rules call for it.

6.  Start your text below the title indenting each paragraph 5 spaces.  DO NOT add extra space between paragraphs. 

7. Contests can vary on header requirements, but usually require the name of the contest to be placed in the upper left corner and the page number and word count should be placed in the upper right corner.  Check the rules for any specific instructions on this issue. The text should begin 3 or 4 spaces below this header.

8. Type on one side of paper only.  Paper clip the finished pages together - do not staple unless instructed to do so - and do not put the manuscript in a folder.




June 4-5, 2016

Enclosed is my $20 contest registration fee. I understand this allows me to enter as many contests as I choose (see brochure for restrictions).  This contest fee does not include the conference registration fee.


Address: ______________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________________

State _________________________________Zip Code: ______________

Phone: __________________________                                                   

Email: ____________________________________________

Mail this form by April 23rd with check or money order made payable to AWC to:  Ellen Withers, 1815 Columbia Drive, Conway, AR 72034

Literary Contests

Contests 1-3 limited to those who attend at least one Arkansas Writers' Conference session. Awards are ($50/$30/$20).

 1. Carl J Iannacone Memorial Award ($50/$30/$20) Short Story about a tragic accident that turns a life around. 1200 words max. Chair: Brenda Iannacone

2. David Goodgame Memorial Award ($50/$30/$20). Free verse poem. Subject: Sounds. 40 line limit. Chair: Rita Goodgame

3. Gale S. Gill Award ($50/$30/$20). Nonfiction Essay. Subject: Convince me to Believe in ___________.  Merits of  Something you Believe In (Not Religion). 1500 wd. max.  Chair: Gale Gill

Awards for contests 4-11 are ($50/$30/$20).  OPEN TO ALL.

4. Art of Murder Award. ($50/$30/$20). Short Mystery Story about murder in an educational setting. 1500 words. Chair: Brenda Iannacone

5. AR Pioneer Branch NLAPW Prose Award.($50/$30/$20) Humorous short story about misspelled words and how they alter the meaning of the story. 1000 words Chair:  Brenda Iannacone

6. WOW! Press Award.   ($50/$30/$20) Personal memoir story. “I’m Remembering that one person who changed my Life.” 1000 wd. max. Chair: Janis F. Kearney

7. Village Writers Club of Hot Springs Village Award. ($50/$30/$20) Fiction inspired by a true event: The Most Important Lesson My Teacher Ever Taught Subject: Teachers presented in a positive light. 2000 wd. max. Chair: Mary Lou Moran. The most important lessons that teachers teach us have little to do with academics.  Did you learn kindness when a teacher rescued you from certain humiliation? Confidence when he told you that you had talent? Courage when she forced you to face your fears? Use the moment when you observed a teacher's quiet greatness as the inspiration for a work of short fiction that celebrates teachers.

8. AR Pioneer Branch NLAPW Poetry Award.($50/$30/$20) Rhymed poem with imagery. Subject: Retirement. 24 line limit. Chair: Sara Gipson

9. The Erdel Family Memorial Award. ($50/$30/$20) First chapter of a manuscript (no erotica) plus a one page summary of the remainder of the manuscript Chair: Ellen Withers  Critique upon request.

10. The Best Friend  ($50/$30/$20) Rymed OR Unrhymed complex meter poetry, 16 to 36 lines. Subject: The Dog. Meter scheme must be written on bottom of poem; must be fairly complex or intricate. Chair: Melissa Cramer-Sonnen

11. Cone Creation Contest. ($50/$30/$20) Arrange 12 literary book titles to create an amusing topic for discussion at AWC Conference Read-Around. Chair: Breanna Cone

Awards for contests 12-22 are ($25/$15/$10). OPEN TO ALL.  

12.  Del Garrett’s Gimme The Creeps. ($25/15/$10) Write description of a haunted house from a magazine photo. Two pages, standard format. Must attach a repro copy of the photo.  Chair: Del Garrett

13. Marie Barton Memorial Poetry Award ($25/$15/$10). Any form Subject “My Favorite Place”, 36 lines. “Poetry of Place” Pick one of your favortire place (home, room, park, city, country road, etc.  Paint it with words.  Invite me in with your imagery, emotion, and use of the senses. Chair: Jim Barton

14. Scott Plantation Settlement Award. ($25/$15/$10)  Plantation life in the 1940’s.  Personal or  “As told to” stories accepted.  For information: www.scottconnections.org. 2500 word limit. Chair: Sara Gipson

15. Christian Poetry Award. ($25/$15/$10) Any poetry form honoring the Lord Jesus Christ, 32 line limit. Chair: Kitty Yeager

16. Rescued Pets($25/$15/$10) True story of rescued pet, whether from shelter or elseswhere. Subject: finding home for homeless dog, cat, horese, or other pet. 1200 wd. max. Sponsor Humane Society of Pulaski County. Chair: Brenda Iannacone

17. Key to Time Travel, ($25/$15/$10) Fantasy Short Story involving time travel and a key. 2500 word limit.  Brief critique given if requested on top of page one of submission.  Chair: Carol Hodges

18. Lucille R. Longstreth Memorial Award. ($25/$15/$10) 6-Word Short Story (Hemingway Example: Baby Shoes For Sale-Never Worn) Chair: Barbara Longstreth Mulkey

19. WHITE COUNTY CREATIVE WRITERS Contest.  ($25/$15/$10)  Short Story, any subject. 1000 word maximum. Chair: Rhonda Roberts

20. RobertsFamilyArk Award. ($25/$15/$10) What Comes Next Contest.  Any poem, any length.  Chair: Rhonda Roberts

21. Pinpoint Writers Group Contest. ($25/$15/$10) Subject: Craziest Christmas Ever, Fiction Any Genre. 600 words. Chair: Pinpoint Writers Group

22. South Arkansas Poets of the Pines Poetry Contest.  ($25/$15/$10) Form: Minute (a la Verna Lee Hinegardner)  12 lines, 60 syllables. Chair: South Arkansas Poets of the Pines

Contests 23-24 LIMITED TO ARKANSAS RESIDENTS. Awards for contests are ($25/$15/$10).

23. Youth Poetry, Subject: Water.  ($25/$15/$10) 20-40 lines. Open only to Arkansas residents, age 11-17 Chair: Sara Gipson

24. Christian Romance Short Story. ($25/$15/$10)   5000 words. Chair: Sara Gipson



25. Henry Heidelberger Memorial Poetry Award. ($25/$15/$10) Subject: Farming, Any form, 32 lines.  Chair: Betty Heidelberger

26.  Dorothy Truex Memorial Prose Award ($25/$15/$10) Short story, 2000 words.  Must include an element of dance.  Chair: Ellen Withers


AWC Director: Brenda Iannacone
Email: breannacone1@yahoo.com
Phone: (501) 833-2756